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Liquid Solar Lamination uses a reactive silicone encapsulant. In comparison with EVA this new encapsulant has better optical properties. Less light is absorbed by the encapsulant and thus a wider spectrum of light can be used. Over the service life of a module solar yields can be higher.

Also aging and power loss is reduced because of the less strenuous laminating process. The finished module has cells with less micro cracks and tends not to delaminate. This has been proven by the Liquid Solar Lamination damp heat test. Modules with our silicone encapsulation have passed over 3,000 hours continuous damp heat test up today and our test goal is 5,000 hours.

• Excellent optical properties of encapsulant
• Contribution of ultraviolet (<350nm) and infrared light (>800nm):
   increased module performance.
• Higher lifetime earnings due to minimal aging and power loss

comparison of spectral cell efficiency